Polka dots & Paisleys stopped taking personalized monogrammed orders on August 29th, 2009 until further notice.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Insulated Lunch Bags Possible ORDER!

I have gotten SOO many requests for the paisley print insulated lunch bags that I carry. They have been out of stock since before Christmas and will not be back in stock until MAY! I know. . . It seems like FOREVER!!!
So, I found another company that makes some really cute insulated lunch bags. I am posting pictures of them before I decide to order. If you see one you like, E-mail me: martha@polkadotsandpaisleys.com . I plan to make the order in the first week in March.
I have numbers listed under each bag.

Lunch bag 1

Lunch Bag 2

Lunch bag 3

Lunch Bag 4

Lunch Bag 5

Lunch Bag 6

Lunch Bag 7

Lunch Bag 8

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Back in Service!

My machine has been fixed! I am a little backed up on my orders, but I'm still accepting new ones!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Machine down

My machine is not working at the moment. HOPEFULLY it will be fixed tomorrow! If you have any questions, please e-mail me.

Canton and Luggage Tags

Just a note. . .

I am sending most of my bags to Canton, Texas next week. I have a friend who has a booth and she is taking my bags to sell every month. Whatever doesn't sell I will add back to the inventory on my website. I am sending the bags next Tuesday, so if you know of a bag you want, e-mail me or you can order from my website before then!

Luggage Tags
I have some new luggage tags coming soon! These will be great for traveling or to put on bags that cannot be monogrammed or that you don't have monogrammed. Hopefully I will be able to post them in the next two weeks:)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

1st Winner!

Congratulations Candy! You won the wallet!!!
I wrote every person's name on a piece of paper who entered the contest, folded them up, mixed them up and then let my husband draw a name. Just so you know how I chose the winner:)
Thanks for all the participants!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Happy Valentine's Day!
WIN a FREE Wallet!

Enter to WIN this Turquoise and Brown Striped Wallet
You can keep it for yourself or give it as a gift!

All you have to do to enter this giveaway is leave a comment on this post by Saturday, February 16th at 9:00 p.m.!

I have to be able to contact you if you win so make sure you have your name and e-mail address in your comment! If you have a blog, I can contact you through that if your profile is open. I will take comments until 9:00 p.m. (central time) on Saturday, February 16. I will put all the names together and draw a winner! I will contact the winner by Sunday morning and I should have the winner's name posted by Sunday afternoon.

Anyone in the United States can enter this contest! I will also cover the cost of shipping!
And, the more people who enter, the more likely I am to have a giveaway or one-day sale more than just once a month!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Pacifier Clips

So, I finally made them! Here are the two types of pacifier clips I will now be offering. I have so many types of ribbon that I could make pretty much any color you would like! The ribbons I used with these clips pictures have two sides of polka dots!

The end has a loop sewn on the end instead of a snap or velcro. I did this for a few reasons:
First, you don't have to worry about the snap or velcro coming off or getting worn and you don't have to worry that your baby will pull the pacifer off the ribbon.
Second, I'm hoping this will make the clips fit all types of pacifiers
Third, I can sell them to you for a MUCH cheaper price!

Prices may change, but I have listed what I think they will be.

Monogrammed Covered Button Pacifier Clip
This will be the regular size I will make, but I can also make a smaller one for new babies with a thin ribbon and smaller covered button. There is a clip on the back of the button to attach to baby's clothing. $7

Pacifier Clip or Toy Clip

The clip on this has a plastic center so that it does not damage baby's clothing! This one can also be used for toys. It can be attached to baby's clothing, carseat, or stroller. $4.50

All you do to attach the pacifier is the following:

1. Put the loop through your pacifier

2. Put the clip through the loop

3.Pull the ribbon tight

Friday, February 08, 2008

New Items!

I got some new products in today and I just had to post pictures! I also have included 2 burp cloths and 2 bows I recently made. . . .
Most of these products are already added to my website! If you cannot find an item, please e-mail me: martha@polkadotsandpaisleys.com

Quilted Solid Brown and Pink Diaper Bag

Garment Bags!

I made a special order of this quilted blue toile garment bag for one of my customers. These come in many different colors of toile and they also come in other prints including polka dot. If you are interested, e-mail me!

These garment bags fold out to 20x24. They zip up and have handles at the top.


NEW! Paisley Print Bible Covers

Turquoise and Brown Paisley Bible Cover

Pink and Brown Paisley Bible Cover

Lime and Turquoise Paisley Bible Cover


Turquoise and Brown Quilted Backpack


Brown and Turquoise 3 piece Cosmetic Set


Firetruck Burp cloth
with monogram - $11

Polka dot font Burp cloth


Pink Bow with Green monogram


Emma Kate Style Bow (with 2 1/4 inch ribbon)


Purple Gingham Longalls with LSU monogram


Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Diaper Bags!

Turquoise and Brown Quilted Diaper bags are in! I also have Brown and Pink and Black and white! I don't have pictures taken yet, but I will add them soon.

Bible Covers?
I have found some paisley print bible covers. They are designed like my toile bible covers and the print is the same as my paisley insulated lunch bags. They come in pink/brown, turquoise/brown, and lime/turquoise. If you are interested in these, please e-mail me and let me know what color you would like before I make my order: martha@polkadotsandpaisleys.com
Pacifier Clips
Coming soon. . . I'm making some new pacifier clips...stay posted! Thanks Allison and Destiny for such a CUTE idea! I can't wait to see how these turn out!!

Friday, February 01, 2008


It's a new month and I have decided I am going to try something new.Once a month I will have a GIVEAWAY or a One Day Sale! I will not be announcing what day it will be on, so you have to keep checking this blog!


For One Day Sales: I will post on my blog what product is for sale that day. You will have exactly 24 hours to take advantage of the sale!

For Giveaways: I will post on my blog an item that I will giveaway! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on that post. I will give between 1 and 3 days to enter the contest. I will then put all names together and draw a winner! I will also cover the cost of shipping on the item.

Lost e-mails....

I have been having trouble with my e-mail over the past month! I know of 3 instances where my e-mails have not gone through to customers. I am SO sorry about this...

So, I have created a new e-mail address! martha@polkadotsandpaisleys.com
Hopefully this one will work better!! If you have written me an e-mail and have not received a reply, please write me again! Chances are I have not gotten your e-mail.