Polka dots & Paisleys stopped taking personalized monogrammed orders on August 29th, 2009 until further notice.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Look what we just got!

NEW Diaper Bags!!!
These 3 just came in this week!

Website priced: $50 YOU PAY $40

Website Priced $70 YOU PAY $55

Blue Corduroy Coated Double Buckle Bag

Website Priced $70 YOU PAY $55
They have SO many bags and other great items to choose from!! I am going to make my prices a little lower than they charge, so go to their website and see what you like and you can order through Polka dots & Paisleys! Their bags are very well made and I am so impressed with how great they are and they seem like they will really last a long time!
E-mail me with questions or orders!
I will do invoices through PayPal
Orders will take about 3 weeks

Avery's Announcement

Baby Girl Announcement (15)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

NEW!! Monogrammed Bookmarkers/Paper clips

NEW!! These are large paper clips that can also be used for a cute bookmarker!
Each clip measures 3 1/2 inches and the monogrammed button is a little over 1 inch
I made one for myself to see how it worked and I loved it! It never slipped out of my book while I was reading and it held my pages in place if I quickly had to put my book down to do something else.

Price: $3.50
E-mail me if you are interested in ordering ! I have 6 left right now but may be ordering more soon!

More Pacifier Clips!

Ribbon: Apple Green and pink polka dots (double sided)
Price: $7
Brown and turquoise dots (double sided)

In case you were wondering - this is what the back of the monogrammed button looks like, it has a clip attached to it!

Light blue with white tiny dots

Red and white baseballs

Brown and pink dots (2 sided)

Monogrammed Button Clips

Monogrammed Button clips
These clips measure 2 inches long and the buttons measure a little over an inch

Badge Clips & Keychains

Here's a few orders recently completed
Special request (I'm loving this ribbon!) Zebra print ribbon keychain with monogram in hot pink!
Hot pink and Lime ribbon keychain with lime monogram

Monogrammed Badge Clip
Material black with blue and red dots

Monogrammed Badge Clip
Zebra print with hot pink monogram
Monogrammed Badge Clips
Hot pink and with lime polka dots

Monogrammed Badge Clip
Lime Green with white dots

Monogrammed Badge Clip
Hot pink with lime polka dots

Monogrammed Badge Clip
Black with white monogram

Monogrammed Badge Clip
Light pink with small pink paisleys

Monogrammed Badge Clip
Pink and Brown paisley with brown monogram
**Discounts available on badge clips to shops/businesses or groups ordering together**

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Baby Everett's Announcement!

Birth Announcement

NEW Baby Announcements

Polka dots & Paisleys is now offering
Birth Announcements!!!!

I have many different designs, but this is my first sample to show!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Going. . .Going. . .GONE!!

on all in-stock
purses, diaper bags, duffle bags, wallets, jewlery bags, make up bags, garment bags
Polka dots & Paisleys is selling all in-stock bags so we can carry some new bags and more new products!!
HURY! Limited Quantities available!
*No monograms available on bags but if you live locally, I can recommend someone!
**Ship within 3 days**
**I will update this page as items sell out!**

was $19 now $17 - Baby Pink Toile Diaper Bag (1 in stock)

order HERE

was $17 now $14.50 - Solid Brown Make up bag (1 in stock)

order HERE

was $17.00 now $14.50 - Brown/Turquoise Paisley Makeup Bag (1 in stock)
order HERE

was $16.00 now $14.00 - Monogrammed Bible Cover
order HERE (SOLD OUT!!!!)

was $7.50 now $5.50 - Small Jewelry Bag
Pink and Brown Toile (1 in stock)
order HERE

was $19 now $16 - Ballerina quilted large duffle bag (1 in stock)
order HERE

was $15 now $10 - Blue Gingham Diaper Bag with flip-flops (1 in stock)
order HERE

was $17.00 now $14.50 - Brown/Turquoise Insulated Lunch Bag (1 in stock)
order HERE

was $17 now $14.50 -- Polka dot Duffle Bag
Brown with White polka dots (SOLD OUT!)
order HERE

was $18 now $15.50 -- Polka dot Garment Bag
Brown with Turquoise polka dots (1 in stock)
order HERE

WAS $18...NOW $14.75--- Brown and Pink Religious Purse
Please note: Verse on purses in stock is: Philipians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
(2 in stock)
Order HERE
was $11.00 now $8.00 ---Get the wallet to match!!
Brown with white monogram (2 in stock)
Black with white monogram (1 in stock)
Verse on Wallets in stock: Philipians 4:13 - I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
order HERE

was $16 now $14
Brown/Pink polka dot Diaper Bag (SOLD OUT!)
Brown/Turquoise Polka dot Diaper Bag (1 in stock)
Order HERE

was $18 now $15.50 --- Quilted Microfiber Backpack
Brown with brown/white polka-dotted ribbon (SOLD OUT!!!)
order HERE

was $11 now $5 -- Black/Navy Paisley Tote (SOLD OUT!!!)
order HERE

More Monogrammed Badge Clips

Monogrammed Badge Clips!
Material number is under each picture
Monogrammed Retractable Badge Clip: $7
Additional Monogrammed Buttons: $5
The buttons have velcro on the back so you can easily switch them out!!
Remember that I also have discounted prices for people who would like to order together or businesses
Material #40
monograms above done in red and lime green
Material #23

Material #28 with brown monogram

Material #10 with lime green monogram

Material #38 with black monogram

Material #41 with purple monogram

material #1 with purple monogram

Materail #35

material #31 with hot pink monogram and turquoise monogram

Material #21 with hot pink monogram

Material #33

Material #25 with pink monogram

Material #37 with light blue monogram