Polka dots & Paisleys stopped taking personalized monogrammed orders on August 29th, 2009 until further notice.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!! We had a wonderful Christmas! The sale on ALL bags is still going on at my website and will end on Friday. So, hurry and order your bags before the sale ends! I will have another giveaway in January, so stay posted! Also, I have pictures to post, so when I find the time to get them on my computer, I'll add them to the blog!

Also, I saw a lady in the doctor's office today when I was bringing my son in for a check-up and she had the same exact brown toile diaper bag as I did! Isn't that funny?! So, I found out she got her bag from a boutique in town and they were charging I think $12 more for the bag than I sell it for. (And I forgot to ask your name, so if you are visiting my blog, thanks for stopping by! I hope your sweet boy is feeling better!:)

I have been price checking lately to make sure mine are the lowest around...especially on the giraffe print bags. They are selling for between $50-$58 in the places I've seen! WOW! So, mine are less than 1/2 that price! I love it!:) I'm sure some stores are able to buy their bags for less than I do, if they are a bigger company, but I love to see when other people charge more for their bags than I do - I want ya'll to always be getting the best deal!!:)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Giraffe Print Anyone?!

**UPDATE** These are now SOLD OUT!!
I have 3 giraffe print bags in stock! These are the two styles:
Giraffe Print Large Tote

11w x 12h x 10deep
Cellphone Pocket & Extra Pocket Inside
One Zippered Pocket Inside
Magnetic Snap Closure
Silver Hardware Accents
**1 brown in stock**
#2 Giraffe Print Hobo Bag
16w x 10h x 6deep
Zipper Closure
Cellphone Pocket & Extra Pocket Inside
One Zippered Pocket Inside
Dual Compartment Divided by Zippered Pocket
Double Handles
**2 Brown in stock**
It looks like I can order more of these if I need to! The colors are Pewter, Green, Fuschia(only in 2nd bag)
I have not added these to my website yet, so please e-mail me if you are interested and let me know which bag you would like to purchase. I can send you an invoice through PayPal.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas SALE!!!

All diaper bags, makeup bags, jewelry bags, wallets, and more are on sale!!! If you order your item without the monogram, it will be shipped within 2 business days.
**No more personalized orders are being accepted until the 1st of January**

Friday, December 05, 2008

Polka dots!

I have these two bags in stock as well as two in brown with white polka dots!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Order for Christmas!

I just finished updating my website...remember to order for Christmas by FRIDAY!!!!!
After next Thursday, I will have bags available again to order that do not sell at the show I'm participating in!
How cute is this makeup bag?!Here's some pictures of new products!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

NEW BAGS and Christmas Orders!

As you know, I have only been accepting orders on the 1st and 2nd of each month. However, I'm extending the order time this month due to TWO reasons...First, It's CHRISTMAS TIME!!! and Second, I have a new order of bags in and with Thanksgiving last week, I haven't had time to upload them yet! So, personalized orders will be accepted on these dates:

Monday, December 1 - Friday, December 5
I will be participating in a show next week but anything that does not sell at the show I will have available to order again by next Friday, December 12.
Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

We Need Your Help

My husband and his friend (who are both firefighters) are starting a mowing business - as a side job!! With this new business starting, we wanted to think of an awesome name for their business! ANY IDEAS?!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Need a Christmas Gift??

Well, with the Holiday season coming up quickly, I was wondering if any of you have been thinking about Christmas gifts....like I have been!! My inventory is very low at the moment, so I'm thinking about making one big order before Christmas. If you see anything on my blog or website that is sold out or may not be in the color you would like, please e-mail me! I'll check to see if they are still in stock at the company and we'll get an order together!

I may order in a couple of weeks. Once I recieve your request, I will require at least 1/2 of the payment before making the order. I can't wait to hear from you!!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

And the NEW winner is....

Melissa B.!!

My first winner still hasn't responded, so I used a random number generator to choose a new winner! Melissa...I have already e-mailed you and if I hear back from you by tomorrow night, then the bag is YOURS!! If not, I'll choose a new winner....

Thursday, October 30, 2008

And the Winner Is....

First let me say that this giveaway was SOOOO much fun! Thank you so much to EVERYONE who entered! I loved reading all your comments and have been trying to go to most of your blogs! I may be doing another giveaway really soon!!!!:)
I used a random number generator online and this is the person whose comment lined up with the same number chosen

Jacqueline in Atlanta said...
That is a darling purse. I love polka dotted anything and the toile is so fresh and new looking (even though it's old-fashioned, ha).Thanks for having the giveaway!
Congratulations Jacqueline!!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


In honor of the Bloggy Carnival going on this week, I decided to have another giveaway!!

You could WIN this Brown Toile Tote!!

This could be used as a purse or even as a really small diaper bag if you only needed to carry diapers, wipes, and a bottle or cup!

- It measures approx. 10 inches wide, 9 inches tall, and 4 inches deep

- It has one small pocket in the front outside

- Inside is brown gingham lined with 4 pockets


1. To enter the contest simply put a comment on this post with your name and e-mail address or a link to your blog

2. You must live in the United States to enter

3. Shipping is FREE!!

4. If the winner did not leave any contact information or if the winner does not respond within 4 days, then a new winner will be chosen.

5. You must enter the contest by Thursday, October 30th at 9:00 pm. The winner will be notified on October 31st.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Faith's Bows

Here are some toddler size bows I made for Faith!
This one is solid brown with white center and 3 letter monogram
$4.50 total
Pink solid bow with "Faith" monogrammed
$4.50 total
Christmas bows
$2.75 each
White solid, Light Navy with shocking pink center, white with black polka dots
$2.50 for solid colors and
$2.75 for printed ribbon Hope you enjoy your bows sweet Faith!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Here's 3 bags I have that are not added to my website yet, but you can e-mail me if you would like to order them!
Brown and Turquoise Quilted Solid Tote
Monogram: add $7.00

Blue gingham Diaper Bag with Pink trim and Pink ribbon with flip flops printed

$17 (if monogrammed, add $7)

21 inch Pink Gingham Duffle Bag with ballet slippers

E-mail me for the price

Polka dot Font Burpcloths

These are both the "Boston style" polka dot font burpcloths
They were done in Navy Blue and Red

Monday, October 13, 2008

Cookies and Cups

A shower for Kaegan!
This Sunday I went to my friend Tiffany and her husband Marty's shower for a boy they are adopting from China soon! They are thrilled! They will hopefully be able to go and get him before Christmas. My friend Kristy was in charge of the cookies and cake and found the link to Sweet Treats Baking from my blog! Donna just started this business recently and makes the most amazing cookies! I thought everything turned out adorable!

She even made these cute cupcakes and Lion cake! Everything was delicious!
My camera didn't cooperate, so this is the only picture I have of Marty and Tiffany opening gifts!

I thought I'd share this fun idea that I used for my gift!

I bought these insulated cups at Target. It has a paper insert that a child can color to "make it their own."

I cut material to the same shape as the paper, monogrammed his name on the material, and here are the finished products!
They only had 2 left at Target or I would have snagged a bunch for my sweet boy! It will make keeping track of his sippy cup a lot easier when he's in the nursery or we're with a bunch of other children!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Diaper Bag, Burpcloths, etc.

Here's a few orders that were recently completed!
This diaper bag was so pretty! Sorry, but it's already sold out!

2 Burp cloths and a pacifier clip

Ribbon Keychain in yellow with white dots and purple monogram

Turquoise and Brown small backpack and Burpcloth done in "acadia polkadot"

I love this verse!

1 Samuel Burpcloth

Monday, October 06, 2008

A few pictures I found

I was going through pictures and found some orders I had not posted on my blog yet! So, these were finished within the last few months...

Monogrammed Covered Button with ponytail holder

See website for pricing....

Monday, September 29, 2008


Hey Everyone! I have 2 listings on E-bay. They both have 3 days left and no bids so far...so you can go check them out and get a great deal!
Bible Cover & Diaper Bag:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A few orders

I made this bow for a little girls' first birthday party...I couldn't believe the whole name fit! I was so excited!:)

Burp cloths recently completed...

This burp cloth is done in the polka dot font monogram and the pink and apple green monogrammed pacifier clip to match!