Polka dots & Paisleys stopped taking personalized monogrammed orders on August 29th, 2009 until further notice.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Monogrammed Badge Clips

Here are a few more monogrammed retractable badge clips I finished this week!

I have numbered each of the material samples to help make the ordering process more simple!

Descriptions are underneath each picture

Material #1 with hot pink monogram

Material #1 with turquoise monogram

Material #1 with hot pink monogram

Material #9 with brown monogram

Material #7 with black 3 letter monogram (circle)

Material # 1 with red 2 letter monogram

Material #15 (brown w/ pink dots) and Hot pink monogram

Material #6 with turquoise 2 letter monogram

Material #10 (hot pink with lime green dots) and Lime green monogram

Material #9 with navy blue monogram

Material #21 with pink monogram

Material #16 (light pink/brown) with brown 2 letter monogram

Material #17 (brown/light pink) with hot pink monogram

Material #41 with purple monogram

Material #22 with lime green monogram

Material #22 with hot pink monogram


Monogrammed Retractable Badge Clips are $7 each
Additional Monogrammed Buttons are $5 each
Badge clips and buttons each have velcro on the back so you can easily switch out buttons every day!
I give discounted prices to businesses who would like to order to sell in their store as well as offices who would like to place their orders at the same time!
E-mail me if you are interested
Please E-mail me your orders or questions at

Monogrammed Gifts

Oh the things you can do with monogrammed covered buttons!!!If you order a monogrammed button with a ponytail holder, you can use them for your flip flops...

For a ponytail, or even as the center of a bow!

These are monogrammed button clips...so cute!
Monogrammed Pacifier Clips

This shows the difference between sizes

The first one is a 1 1/2 inch button

Next: 1 1/8 inch button

Third one: 7/8 inch button

Monogrammed burp cloths with matching pacifier clips

This was one of the auctions I put in for a silent auction at our church! Congrats Mrs. Billie for winning:)

This "God's Girl" burp cloth is a new design and can be done in any color!

Monogrammed Brown/Pink polka dot bow

Infant bows

Monogrammed bib and Burp cloth (purple and lime green)

Monogrammed Onesie and Burp cloth (hot pink and lime green)

Monogrammed burp cloth with R initial and name in front done in chocolate brown ( a little lighter than the brown I usually use!) and rasberry/hot pink

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Monogrammed Clips!

Oh I just love finding new things to do with monogrammed buttons!

My friend Stephanie gave me this idea and asked me to make some for her little girl. She wanted them so she can pull her hair up on the side with a clip and it still be cute and someting different than a bow. I also made some monogrammed bows but didn't get any pictures!

These clips are about 2 inches long and the button is a little over an inch.
By the way did you know that you can order these monogrammed buttons with a ponytail holder, too?! They can be used for ponytails, as the center of bows, or even for flip flops!
And I just got another new idea of how to use covered buttons! Hope to share it soon....